Divorce Coach

With the right mindset and support, your divorce doesn’t have to be messy, disorganized, or financially devastating.  We’re here to help you put aside your emotions so you can stay focused and in control.

With some practice and dedication to your own well-being, we will train you to

  • ask relevant questions
  • manage stress
  • communicate effectively and set healthy boundaries
  • develop a fair and nurturing post-divorce environment
  • survive after asset division

Not sure if divorce coaching is right for you? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery session to discuss your situation and see if Peter might be a good coach for you.

Peter Klose Attorney

Meet Peter Klose

Peter combines his 30-plus years of legal expertise with compassionate guidance to help you transition smoothly into your next chapter. As a seasoned litigator and licensed New York State attorney, Peter understands firsthand how emotionally draining and complex the legal and divorce process can be.

Tidy Divorce Coaching Tidbits

Tidy Divorce Tidbit-Hanging onto the 3% Mortgage. I saw this interesting article discussing how low interest mortgages sometimes cause stress for divorcing couples. With all the things you need to focus on during a divorce, one of the more important things is your finances, particularly, those surrounding your home and mortgage. A Certified Divorce Coach and help you consider the options of…

Thinking of Separation? The Difficult Decision of Trial Separation Married couples sometimes reach an impasse where staying together seems impossible, but fully separating also feels premature. This limbo leads some couples to try a trial separation – living apart for a set period while postponing a decision about divorce. A trial separation has no legal framework – unlike…

Tidbits to Prep for Divorce Not every couple is destined to divorce, even if you have been thinking about it for a long time. But, shouldn’t you be ready and stable and able to separate if you need to, or have to or are forced to sever the ties. Here are some tidbits to consider to organize yourself for the…

Our Process

The first step is processing the trauma and emotion of separating

We focus on processing turbulent emotions like grief, anger and sadness using tangible tools and proven mechanisms. We encourage you to envision your ideal future life pursing joy, nurturing relationships, and orienting towards positive goals and...

The Clean Sweep Divorce Process next moves to disentangling

After identifying the messiest obstacles, we undertake the logistical work to understand and separate the shared finances, property, and accounts; protect your children; and determine the best pathway to divorce and custody. Disentangling include...


Attaining legal, symbolic and emotional punctuation marks to your process, thereby validating that you have moved on to the next challenge!

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Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Nyack, our office is situated in the Nyack Business Center, a brick building next to Veteran’s Memorial Park. Just steps from the shops, restaurants, and cafes lining Main Street, we provide an ideal village location for productive coaching sessions surrounded by the beauty and vibrancy of Nyack. Whether meeting in person or online, we look forward to connecting with you from our office in the heart of this charming riverfront village. Please reach out to learn more or schedule a coaching session.

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Client Reviews

“Without Peter, I wouldn’t have made it through the harrowing legal process. His empathy and generous spirit made me feel supported every step of the way.”


“Happy I decided to take the first step with a free discovery session because I discovered that divorce coaching is a valuable sounding board at every stage of my journey. Saved me a bundle of cash and emotion.”


“Peter helped support me through my early phases, giving me the confidence to manage the ex, the kids, and myself in a healthy way. Thanks.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How is divorce coaching different than working with a lawyer?
Divorce coaching is focused on providing emotional support, guidance, and practical life skills to help you transition and thrive as you pass through the phases of divorce. While legal counsel is crucial for handling proceedings and paperwork, a divorce coach can help with rebuilding self-esteem, managing stress, developing a healthy co-parenting relationship, creating a new social network, exploring career or financial changes, and generally moving forward in a positive way. Coaching takes a big picture approach to your transition to life after divorce.
Do you provide legal advice or representation?
No, as a divorce coach I do not provide any legal services. I work in a non-legal supportive role to help you develop coping strategies, manage challenging emotions, co-parent successfully, and craft a fulfilling post-divorce life. I recommend maintaining a matrimonial lawyer to handle all your legal needs in the divorce process. My coaching complements the legal work by focusing on your preparation and understanding before, during, and after the divorce is finalized.
Peter Klose Attorney

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