Real Estate, Money and Finance

How does a divorce coach help you preserve your money, real estate and protect your financial interests? 

Real Estate, Money and Finance
  • Remove the Emotion.  Before you can understand the financial implications, you have to be able to put aside your emotions to consider the business aspects of your divorce, really the financial terms of your separation.   We will explore how property division, alimony, child support will impact you, encouraging you to ask the right questions to make informed choices.
  • Guide record keeping and investigation.   We encourage you to gather, annotate and understand your financial documents and expenses to gain an accurate picture.  As a prepared (well coached) client, you control the meetings and inform the experts so that they don’t charge you for getting organized.
  • Recommend experts. You will confidently collaborate with financial professionals like accountants, appraisers and other professionals to value assets and strengthen your financial understanding and claims.
  • Guide your decisions on real estate. We act as your thought partner as you consider how your living situation may be changed by divorce.  

At we empower you to confidently participate in complex process of dividing retirement plans, financial assets and real estate.

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Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Nyack, our office is situated in the Nyack Business Center, a brick building next to Veteran’s Memorial Park. Just steps from the shops, restaurants, and cafes lining Main Street, we provide an ideal village location for productive coaching sessions surrounded by the beauty and vibrancy of Nyack. Whether meeting in person or online, we look forward to connecting with you from our office in the heart of this charming riverfront village. Please reach out to learn more or schedule a coaching session.

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“Without Peter, I wouldn’t have made it through the harrowing legal process. His empathy and generous spirit made me feel supported every step of the way.”


“Happy I decided to take the first step with a free discovery session because I discovered that divorce coaching is a valuable sounding board at every stage of my journey. Saved me a bundle of cash and emotion.”


“Peter helped support me through my early phases, giving me the confidence to manage the ex, the kids, and myself in a healthy way. Thanks.”

Peter Klose Attorney

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