Tidbits to Prep for Divorce

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Not every couple is destined to divorce, even if you have been thinking about it for a long time. But, shouldn’t you be ready and stable and able to separate if you need to, or have to or are forced to sever the ties. Here are some tidbits to consider to organize yourself for the clean sweep divorce process.

Preparing Financially and Emotionally for Divorce

Going through a divorce can be an overwhelming and turbulent time. Your whole life is about to change. While the legal process moves forward, there are important steps you should take to get your finances in order and prepare emotionally for this transition. Being proactive now will empower you to weather the challenges ahead and move forward on steady ground.

Assess Your Earning Potential:

If you’ve been out of the workforce raising children, realistically evaluate your current job qualifications and employability. Consider pursuing additional education or training now to boost your career prospects later. Learn about job opportunities, typical salaries, and skills needed in fields you’re interested in. Building your earning potential will provide greater financial stability after the divorce.

Establish Your Credit: 

Make sure you have credit cards and loans in your own name, separate from your spouse. If you don’t, apply for your own credit cards now and start building your credit history. If you have poor credit, work on paying down debts and improving your credit score before the divorce. Good credit will help you qualify for future loans including mortgages or car loans. You want to be able to independently access credit after the separation.

Save Your Own Nest Egg:

Start setting aside money in a personal savings account. Whether you end up filing for divorce yourself or your spouse does, you’ll need funds to cover expenses. Savings will help you pay bills if your spouse moves out and stops contributing. Money saved also allows you to pay legal retainer fees when you’re ready to initiate divorce proceedings. 

Put Your Kids First:

Make your children the top priority and maintain normal routines for them throughout the divorce process. If tensions run high, create a set schedule where you and your spouse each spend separate time with the kids to minimize conflict. Stay actively involved in your children’s school and extracurricular activities. Never disparage your former partner in front of your kids. Divorce takes an emotional toll on children too. Putting their needs first and keeping their lives as stable as possible will help them through this challenge.

Preparing both financially and emotionally before filing for divorce can empower you for the road ahead. Take steps to improve your earning ability, establish independent credit, save money, and focus on your children’s well-being. While divorce involves many legal complexities, being proactive allows you to stabilize your finances, strengthen your foundations, and prioritize your kids. Taking charge of these areas will help anchor you during a difficult transition.

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