The Clean Sweep Divorce Process is a structured approach to your divorce that aims to make you a powerful participant. Committing to the process, organizing and learning is hard work but will benefit you because you alone will dictate the results, understand the process and emerge a capable person and co-parent. You might even save a bundle of cash on legal and expert fees.

The Clean Sweep Method is a simple, powerful way to clean up the mess and guide you toward conscious, empowered choices that align with your values and priorities. You will have a thinking partner devoted to unraveling the knots of emotion; separating the good and recyclable assets, while consciously sweeping the bad aside.

While we all process divorce in different ways, the Clean Sweep Divorce Process includes:

1. Processing the trauma and emotion of Separating – The first phase focuses on processing turbulent emotions like grief, anger and sadness using tangible tools and proven mechanisms. Going through a divorce is an emotionally difficult time for most people. There are feelings of loss, anger, resentment, and sadness that come along with the end of a marriage. The Clean Sweep process recognizes these emotions and provides strategies to help you work through them in a healthy way. This may include journaling, talking with friends, seeing a counselor, or using other tools to express your feelings. Processing the emotional side is critical before you can move forward.

2.  Envisioning – Next we walk down the path to envision your ideal future life pursing joy, nurturing relationships, orienting towards positive goals and outcomes. Once you’ve started working through the initial emotions, the Clean Sweep process has you begin envisioning what you want your life to look like after divorce. This is about dreaming big and focusing on the possibilities ahead rather than what was lost. You think about the relationships, activities, goals and lifestyle you hope to create. Envisioning the future helps motivate and direct you through the tougher logistical parts of divorce.

3.  Disentangling – After identifying the messiest obstacles, we undertake the logistical work to understand and separate the shared finances, property, and accounts; protect your children; and determine the best legal and practical pathway to divorce and custody. This phase is about tackling the practical matters of untangling a life together – finances, belongings, living arrangements, and kids. It involves tasks like figuring out budgeting, dividing assets, establishing custody schedules, changes in work benefits, and more. Hard work, but with vision for the future and emotional processing, you’re equipped for tough conversations and building a new normal.

4.  Reset and Rebuild – With the legal process further along, we explore interests, parenting plans and the realities of separate households. Here you begin creating the building blocks of your new life. With the big legal and logistical steps underway, focus turns to interests, social life, routines, and other details of life apart. You’re establishing yourself as an individual again. We discuss topics like managing a co-parenting relationship, building a new community, and intentionally designing a life that matches your vision.

5. Closure – Attaining legal, symbolic and emotional punctuation marks to your process, thereby validating that you have moved on to the next challenge! The goal of the Clean Sweep process is to end up with closure on the relationship, meaning you’ve tied up loose ends, established the new normal, and emotionally moved on. Closure comes through the final legal divorce decree but also in symbolic ways like removing wedding photos, reclaiming maiden names, or ceremonies with friends. Achieving closure means this chapter is closed and you’re ready for new adventures ahead.

The Clean Sweep Divorce process aims to empower you through one of life’s most difficult transitions. With an intentional approach, you can process emotional pain, untangle your life, and embrace the possibilities ahead. You will emerge wiser, confident, and eager to pursue your dreams. Even amidst the mess and uncertainty, you are sweeping clear a path to joy.

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