Why hire Peter Klose as a Divorce Coach?

Peter Klose’s lifetime experiences as a small town resident, local attorney, and trusted problem solver inspired Peter to become a divorce coach.  

Although Peter has a background as a licensed attorney, he has added conflict and divorce coaching to his repertoire of home town services, providing support and guidance to help navigate divorce, separation and co-parenting in the healthiest way possible.

He works with individuals from around the United States and the metropolitan New York and New Jersey area to help each client gain perspective, manage stress, co-parent effectively, and ultimately take control of the process to achieve fair, rational outcomes.

As a divorce coach, Peter’s role is to serve as an objective sounding board, asking probing questions to inspire the parties to effectively resolve family conflicts. 

He helps clients avoid becoming entrenched in negative emotions and behaviors that can lead to damaging and expensive legal battles. He equips them to step back, set healthy boundaries, communicate productively, and resolve solutions.    Generally, he works with only one of the divorcing parties to prepare them to confidently participate in the life altering change from married to unmarried, parent to co-parent.

Peter brings compassion and understanding to his divorce coaching practice. He knows firsthand how scary and confusing divorce can be for all parties involved.

Why did Peter venture into this emerging field to start CleanSweepDivorce.com?  The founder of CleanSweepDivorce.com says,  “I want to challenge you to develop the tools and skills you need to sweep through your divorce to emerge a stronger, more confident self.”

Before you commit to hiring me, know that I love my job coaching people through these conflicts.    I strive to be a compassionate, non-judgmental thought partner who helps you to manage your emotional reactions to develop a divorce strategy in a complex environment.  

As a coach, I offer you specific client centered training for the specific issues you want answered.   These services often include

  • Parenting guidance-helping your daily parenting, child custody, and co-parenting dynamics and plans;
  • Financial cheerleading- giving you the support to plan, budget, investigate and complete the financial picture after asset division
  • Navigator for the onerous terms, documents financial disclosures and other legal issues that your divorce lawyer demands;
  • Gate Keeper helping you to establishing boundaries and effective communication skills with your ex-spouse and children;
  • Visionary helping you to see your new future

I am at my best when I am interacting with friends, family, and clients solving problems, connecting people, and persevering against obstacles.  I try to make people feel special by focusing on the task at hand.  I try to always help as many people as I can by doing the right thing and telling the truth, even when it is hard.

Contact me today to schedule your complimentary discovery session and let’s find your best self!

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Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Nyack, our office is situated in the Nyack Business Center, a brick building next to Veteran’s Memorial Park. Just steps from the shops, restaurants, and cafes lining Main Street, we provide an ideal village location for productive coaching sessions surrounded by the beauty and vibrancy of Nyack. Whether meeting in person or online, we look forward to connecting with you from our office in the heart of this charming riverfront village. Please reach out to learn more or schedule a coaching session.

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Client Reviews

“Without Peter, I wouldn’t have made it through the harrowing legal process. His empathy and generous spirit made me feel supported every step of the way.”


“Happy I decided to take the first step with a free discovery session because I discovered that divorce coaching is a valuable sounding board at every stage of my journey. Saved me a bundle of cash and emotion.”


“Peter helped support me through my early phases, giving me the confidence to manage the ex, the kids, and myself in a healthy way. Thanks.”

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