Why hire Clean Sweep Divorce Coaching?

Going through a divorce can be extremely difficult, but it doesn’t have to be messy.  That’s why attorney Peter Klose created CleanSweepDivorce.com – to empower you to approach your divorce as a business matter, avoiding emotionally-driven decisions.   Sweep away the emotions, be present, make the right decisions and reduce your legal and financial expenses by hiring CleanSweepDivorce.com and Peter Klose to coach you through the divorce process.

Peter Klose has been practicing small town law for more thirty (30) years.  He knows the ups and downs of disputes between business owners, family members, and litigants.   With his legal expertise and compassionate guidance, Peter Klose will use those lifetime experiences to help you navigate the divorce process with confidence, discretion and respect.  You will emerge from your conflict proud of what you have accomplished to find your voice and preserve those relationships you can control.

The goal at CleanSweepDivorce.com is to arm you with the knowledge, skills and resources to take a business-minded approach to your divorce.  We’ll help you ask relevant questions, communicate effectively, develop reasonable expectations of the court system, and stay connected to the process and decisions every step of the way.   We are your personal trainer, coaching you to succeed with your ex-spouse, financial professionals, attorneys, children and yourself.

By sweeping away the distractions and focusing on the things that you care about, Peter Klose will guide you in dividing assets fairly, arranging child custody and support, and creating a sound financial plan for your future.  By using CleanSweepDivorce.com coaching you will improve your communication, reduce the conflicts, manage your stress and find your best self.

With the right mindset and support, your divorce doesn’t have to be messy, disorganized, or financially devastating.  We’re here to help you stay focused and in control.  At CleanSweepDivorce.com, we understand that divorce can impact all areas of your life and take a holistic approach to this transition, considering your emotional, legal, and financial needs. Our team includes attorneys, financial advisors, counselors, and other professionals who can help address every aspect of your divorce.

We’ll start by getting to know you and your unique situation in a complimentary consultation. Then we’ll craft a customized action plan optimized for your needs and goals. Throughout the process, we’ll provide education and coaching so you understand each step being taken and why it’s needed. Knowledge is power, so we’ll keep you informed and empowered.

If you have children, we’ll also help you develop a sound co-parenting plan focused on their well-being. Kids need stability and support through this adjustment, so we’ll work with you to put their interests first while still addressing the legal and financial matters.

While separation and divorce are inevitable in some relationships, the way you experience this transition is a choice. At CleanSweepDivorce.com, we’re here to clean up the mess and guide you toward conscious, empowered choices that align with your values and priorities.  By approaching divorce as a business matter rather than an emotional crisis, you’ll be able to move forward confidently.

Contact CleanSweepDivorce.com today to schedule your complimentary consultation.    Peter Klose combines legal expertise with compassionate guidance so you can take control and transition smoothly into your next chapter. Together, we’ll develop a strategy to achieve the clarity, confidence, and empowered outlook you deserve.

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“Without Peter, I wouldn’t have made it through the harrowing legal process. His empathy and generous spirit made me feel supported every step of the way.”


“Happy I decided to take the first step with a free discovery session because I discovered that divorce coaching is a valuable sounding board at every stage of my journey. Saved me a bundle of cash and emotion.”


“Peter helped support me through my early phases, giving me the confidence to manage the ex, the kids, and myself in a healthy way. Thanks.”

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